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本文摘要:Chinas newest space laboratory, Tiangong II, will provide more comfortable digs to astronauts living aboard than its predecessor, Tiangong I, the spacecrafts designers said.据飞船设计者们回应,中国近期升空的空间实验室天宫二号比起于第一代飞船天宫一号,将不会给居住于在太空的航天员们获取更加舒适度的环境。

Chinas newest space laboratory, Tiangong II, will provide more comfortable digs to astronauts living aboard than its predecessor, Tiangong I, the spacecrafts designers said.据飞船设计者们回应,中国近期升空的空间实验室天宫二号比起于第一代飞船天宫一号,将不会给居住于在太空的航天员们获取更加舒适度的环境。Zhu Zongpeng, chief designer of Tiangong II at China Academy of Space Technology, said designers aimed to create an astronaut-friendly environment in every regard when they refitted the space lab that was developed based on Tiangong I.中国空间技术研究院天宫二号总设计师朱枞鹏回应,设计师们在天宫一号基础上改装成修建天宫二号的时候,目标是要建构一个在每一方面都对航天员友好关系的环境。

We considered many factors including the sound, lighting, inner decorations as well as support facilities. For instance, we installed a foldable, multifunctional table that can be used for dining and experiments. We also equipped the astronauts with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers, he said.朱枞鹏说:“我们考虑到了许多因素,还包括声音、灯光、内部装饰以及反对设施。比方说,我们加装了一个可拆卸的多功能桌子,可以用作用餐和做到实验。


我们送给宇航员们装备了蓝牙耳机和蓝牙音箱。”A number of particulars were taken into account-the carpet in Tiangong I was replaced with floorboards. The light is softer and its brightness can be adjusted. Each astronaut has a bed lamp, Zhu added.朱枞鹏认为:“我们还考虑到了一些细节--天宫一号里的地毯被替换成了地板。


灯光显得更为圆润,并且亮度可以调节。每个宇航员都备有一个床头灯。”The Tiangong II consists of two cabins with separate functions-the experiment cabin will be hermetically sealed and will act as the astronauts living quarters, while the resource cabin will contain solar panels, storage batteries, propellant and engines.天宫二号由两个舱体构成,分别具备有所不同的功能--实验舱是密封的,将不会作为宇航员们的生活区;而资源舱内有太阳能电池板、蓄电电池、推进剂和发动机。Liao Jianlin, a senior engineer at the academy who took part in Tiangong IIs development, said the lab has about 15 square meters for astronauts to live and work, including a separate sleep section and waste storage area.中国空间技术研究院高级工程师廖建林参与了天宫二号的研发工作,他回应,天宫二号内有约15平米的面积可可供宇航员居住于和工作,其中还包括一个独立国家的睡眠中区和废物储存区。

He said engineers installed muffler devices in the spacecraft to ensure its inner sound is kept under 50 decibels.他回应,工程师们在飞船上加装了消音装置,从而保证舱内声音维持在50分贝以下。Environmental controls will keep the temperature within the experiment cabin between 22 C and 24 C and the humidity between 45 and 55 percent.空调将不会使得实验舱内的温度维持在22-24摄氏度之间、湿度掌控在45%-55%之间。

In addition, Tiangong II has an air detector capable of checking for and dealing with more than 20 hazardous gases and microbes.另外,天宫二号上还加装了一个空气探测器,可以用来检测和处置多达20种危害气体和微生物。Furthermore, designers placed exercise equipment in the space lab such as a treadmill, exercise bike and acupuncture point massager to help astronauts keep healthy, according to Liao.廖建林回应,工程师们还在天宫二号上加装了一些运动器材,例如跑步机、室内健美自行车以及穴位按摩器,从而协助宇航员们维持身体健康。

He said its communications systems also allow astronauts to receive and reply to emails and make calls to family and friends.他还认为,天宫二号的通信系统使得航天员们也可以接管和恢复邮件,并且和家人朋友通话。



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